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First time user checklist, start here


Hello and welcome to the $inister Gaming Community!



The $inister Gaming Community includes the $iN, $gC, L., and other community and competitive team imprints.



$iN was the winner of the 2015 North American Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms ICT tournament, and placed 3rd in the 2014 NA ICT tournament. L. also placed 2nd in the 2015 NA ICT Tournament.



The $inister Gaming Community and competitive teams invite you to begin the process of becoming a full member. Additionally, we offer established members the opportunity to start your own competitive teams.

The $inister Gaming Community is intended for mature, 18 and older members who are fluent in English; however, some exceptions can be made. (If you are of exceptional skill and can act in a responsible manner; or have received a recommendation from a current member, feel free to apply.)

Apply here today to join the community ($gC), or here to join a competitive team under a $inister Gaming Community imprint ($iN, L., etc.)

Once the application is processed and reviewed, expect a 2-week evaluation period if selected for trial membership. (This time may be extended for competitive team applications at the team leaders discretion.)

The $inister Gaming Community does have a rules, regulations, suggestions, goals, and opportunities page that is REQUIRED reading for all potential members. Click here to access the required guidelines and information.

Communication is an important part of joining the community, we expect all potential members to either have a headset/ mic or to purchase one prior to the end of your evaluation period. Your evaluation period may be extended the duration of time you are without the required hardware.

Additionally, we use a free communication software that utilizes the required headset/ mic known as TeamSpeak 3, TS3, TeamSpeak, or simply TS. You can download the required software here, and get instructions on how to install and properly set-up here. If you already have the software installed, you can click here to join us automatically.

Once you have TeamSpeak installed and configured; navigate to connections, then to connect, and input into the server address field and press connect to join our server. You can also click here to open your TS3 application and join our server automatically.

(We encourage you to bookmark the server for quick access in the future by navigating to bookmarks, then add to bookmarks, and inputting the information into the server address bar and pressing ok. Don’t forget to add a title!)

Once you have joined the server, you will connect to a default new-user channel. From this point, a community or team leader will help you troubleshoot any issues regarding TS or your configuration, then welcome you to the $inister Gaming Community, speak to you about membership, and give you the necessary permissions to access more of the community.

(If a community or team leader does not approach you as they are sometimes in-game; contact a member who has a commander tag by right-clicking their name, and then pressing either open text chat or poke to send a message asking for assistance.)

After you create your application and complete the community requirements, join us online and make new friends. We are a group of gamers that have diverse backgrounds, ages, and skill-levels, we look forward to you joining our community!


Welcome, good luck and have fun!

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