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  1. Be of age! This is an 18+ community (Certain exceptions can be made based on references, skill, and maturity. Contact a community leader for more information.)
  2. Have a microphone or headset. Communication is key and required!
  3. This is a mature environment, so be respectful to other community and team members (If you have a problem with another member, contact a community Admin.)
  4. Speak fluent English (As stated previously, communication is key so we expect to be able to completely understand each other.)



  1. Rep the tag ($iN.,[$iN], $gC, or others) in your steam profile and through in-game options like Counter-Strike offers.
  2. Share your Steam, Origin, and Uplay in-game names in the forum posting. (Include your alternate IGN’s if you frequently use them, unless you wish them to remain private.)
  3. Friend other players and interlink the community by viewing friends lists in Steam, Origin and Uplay or by manually typing them in from the forum postings.
  4. Accept friend requests from other players within the community, you will know they are from the community because they should have their $iN, $gC or other applicable tag on their profile.
  5. Come into TeamSpeak when gaming and stay online. We have plenty of space and the more players online in the TeamSpeak, the more likely other players will come into the server and stay online as well. It increases player participation, collaboration, and overall retains more players for the larger community long-term.
  6. Invite others to the website and have them signup.
  7. Make friends and Play with other members. (Those that are in community, non-competitive or non-password protected channels are here to play with other members. We have channels for many games and others for every purpose imaginable. Find a channel for any need, or create a temporary communal or password protected channel, or apply on the website/ speak to leadership about creating a permanent channel.)
  8. Join the Steam group. (This will help grow the community as it shows community growth and player participation, it will also help for other community friends to friend and play with you!)
  9. Sign-up on the website for forum access (this is different from the application, click register in the upper-right side of the home page.)


  • We are focused on growing the community, competitive player base, teams, social media and website content, hosting and developing gaming servers; and most of all, playing games and having fun!
  • Recruit other casual or competitive players, smaller gaming communities or groups, streamers, content contributors (i.e. YouTube,) and game server hosts.
  • Help support the community, bring in donations to help run game night (for purchasing game keys,) TeamSpeak hosting costs, website domain and hosting costs, tournament hosting costs, purchasing games for other members for non-game night initiatives or activities (as we all help each other, just put in a request on the website;) as well as, game server hosting costs.
  • Represent the community and become a YouTube contributor.
  • Represent the community and become a twitch streamer.
  • Apply to create or join competitive teams under the main $inister, $gC (Sinister Gaming Community,) or other imprint group from the community.
  • Create game servers and manage them for game titles.
  • Come and join us for Community Game Nights (CGN) every Saturday evening. *Dates & times subject to change, check forum for updates.